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Choose Your Own Repair Facility says Don’t Get Pushed to ‘Preferred’ Auto Body Shops.

When an insurance company is paying for repairs, it often tries to steer clients to its list of preferred body shops. Insurance companies control these collision repair facilities by promising them steady work in exchange for their willingness to cut corners, according to the insiders they interviewed.

State laws prohibit the insurance companies from forcing consumers to use a specific body shop; you, the consumer, have the right to choose whichever repair facility you like—even when an insurance company is paying for the repair. Nevertheless, insurance adjusters will still coerce clients toward the preferred shops using a variety of tactics to discourage them from going elsewhere, the insiders say. For example, the adjuster might say if you go to a shop that's not preferred, some costs won't be covered, or the non-preferred shop won't guarantee the work, while the preferred shop will. 

This is not true. We work with ALL insurance companies and will help settle your claim from beginning to end.

Experts agree that consumers place a lot of trust in their insurance companies to look out for their best interests. What most people don't consider is that the insurance company is trying to cut costs to the bone while still retaining policy holders.

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